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Holz House Company (Holz House LLC) has been producing building lumber, glued structural lumber and building houses from glued laminated lumber more than 20 years. The company was founded in 1998. In 2018, the enterprise included 3 plants located in the north of the Kirov region: in Darovskoy, Kotelnichskiy and Luzskiy districts.


The company produces 25 thousand cubic meters of glued wood per year, this is equivalent to the production of 300 houses with the area of 120 sq.m. Holz House products, i.e. glued laminated lumber from boreal softwood, are in demand and are delivered to regions of Russia and CIS countries in large quantities and are exported as well. Laminated structural beam manufactured by Holz House enjoys increased popularity in the European Union.


Holz House employs 600 people. People perform timber harvesting, sawmilling and production of glued laminated lumber. Each stage of work is organized in strict accordance with valid technical requirements.





Logging is carried out using 4 high-tech John Deere complexes with the total cost of 4 million EUR. Holz House's logging technology is environmentally friendly. Logging is carried out at the border of the Kirov region and the Arkhangelsk region in taiga forest zone.  The forest fund of the company is certified according to the European FSC standard. Own rent of the forest fund gives the right to harvest 300 thousand cubic meters of boreal timber per year. This is enough to load the enterprise capacity all year round and exclude interruptions because of raw outages. 


Sawmilling in Holz House is built on the basis of two high-tech chipper-canter head rig lines by EWD (Austria), the total capacity of which is 20 thousand cubic meters of sawn building lumber per month. These lines are automatized and high-speed, sawing is controlled by one operator. As a result, it is possible to obtain the exact geometry of sawn timber with minimal tolerances and deviations.


Drying equipment in Holz House is manufactured by Incomac (Italy), with one-time loading volume of 2,500 cubic meters of building lumber. Drying equipment as well as wood processing workshops are energy-independent. Each plant has its own boiler units with the capacity of 4 megawatts each.


Glued laminated lumber in Holz House is made according to advanced Austrian technologies. Experienced engineers and technologists of this country have designed workshops and developed technological processes. For woodworking is using equipment of European manufacturers, who design and supply equipment to the industry's leaders: Minda presses, Stromab CNC notching machines, Weinig lamella grade line and wood scarfing line, Leadinec molder-planers. The climate control system is installed in wood processing workshops: a constant level of temperature and humidity is maintained. There is also strict control over humidity of the incoming timber. Violation of these parameters automatically excludes building lumber from the production chain.


Glue products, which are used in the production by Holz House, are characterized by strength, environmental friendliness, durability. Safety corresponds to E1 grade. Adhesive compounds of this grade are used in the manufacture of children's furniture. These are the products of Akzo Nobel corporate group (Sweden). The technological process of gluing is based on the separate application of the adhesive and the hardener, which is important for the production of glued laminated lumber of the European quality.


Notching equipment for the manufacture of timber house parts is equipped with CNC, so the process takes place without human participation, with the help of a specialized computer program. The equipment manufactures parts in such a way that problems during the subsequent assembly of the house are excluded. Each batch of glued laminated lumber is tested in the company's own laboratory. Strength and quality of the glued joint is checked here by means of artificial creation of extreme conditions simulating the fifty-year service life of lumber, as well as the effect of temperature and humidity with indicators being five times higher than the average.


Production and technological process at the enterprise are certified by Austrian Forest Products Research Society "Holz Forschung". Once every six months, representatives of the society conduct technical audit of Holz House factories and control the compliance with the technological process. The corresponding level of work, exemplary quality standard of Holz House products and used technologies are confirmed by the European quality certificate EN 14080:2013.


In 2005 the company’s construction department was established. The first sales and construction office was opened in Moscow. The company's branch has been operating in St. Petersburg since 2015. A representational office was established in Kirov in 2016. Ekaterinburg representational office was established in 2017. Kazan representational office was established in 2018. Own sales and construction offices are working on construction of houses made of glued laminated lumber.


Holz House managers will be happy to offer you a tour to our house production site, to conduct a consultation at your facility or to meet you in one of our offices.






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