Building of a woodworking shop is the next step forward!

February 9, 2018


Holz House, with the support of the Monotown Development Fund, successfully realizing a priority investment project in the city of Luza, Kirov region. The construction of a plant for the production of sets of houses from glued laminated timber is in full swing. This is the third plant of the company. To realize the project, the latest imported equipment and machinery is purchasing.


Thanks to the support of the foundation, work on the construction of a new gluing and woodworking workshop (photo 1) is proceeding  rapidly. Holz House currently has a sawmill line (photos 2 and 3) already built and equipped with the latest imported equipment, and also fully equipped and operating logging site.


Recall that with the direct support of the Monotowns Development Fund, in December 2017, three new all-wheel drive grading trucks of the brand SCANIA G480 (photo 4) were purchased and delivered to Luza, as well as a new John Deere logging complex consisting of two machines - the 1270G harvester and Forwarder 1210G (photo 5 and 6).


In addition, Holz House, also in December 2017, purchased four new log trucks on its own funds. In total the park of transport, which is in the possession of Holz House, in the monocity Luza, has two logging complexes and more than 15 timber trucks.


The total investment in the construction of a new plant of the company Holz House, in the monotown Luza, exceeds 505 million rubles. The project has already created 163 workplaces.























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