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Which thickness of walls is necessary for permanent residence in a house?

We recommend glued laminated lumber with the minimum thickness of 202 mm for permanent living in a house made of glued laminated lumber. Such thickness of walls has necessary thermal conductivity parameters and is optimal for the year-round living in the house. The cost of heating in houses with such lumber thickness will be minimal.




From which kind of wood do you produce lumber?

We produce glued laminated lumber from pine or spruce wood, which grow in taiga forest zone in the territory of the Kirov region.




Can I visit the plant?

Please coordinate the time of your arrival to inspect our production facilities with our managers. We will be happy to conduct a tour around our production facilities and try to answer the questions you are interested in.




How many years does a house built of glued laminated lumber last?

Even 100 years is a normal service life for a house made of glued laminated lumber if elementary rules of operation are observed and a competent maintenance and care are carried out.




Can I make changes to the generic project and how much does it cost?

Yes, it is possible to make changes to the generic project. A designer can change the project in accordance with the customer's wishes. The cost of changes depends on the volume of changes and the time it will take to implement them. Each of our projects is individual and is created according to your wishes.




How do I pay for the house?

Payment methods of are discussed directly with our managers.




Is it possible to buy only walls for the house?

Yes, it is possible. You can purchase the house construction set and all necessary components from our company for self-construction.




What is included in the price of a basic house construction set?

The price of a basic set includes the house construction set (bearing frame made of glued laminated lumber, floor beams, rafter system, wood trim).




Do you build houses on a turnkey basis?

Yes, we build houses on a turnkey basis. Detailed information can be provided by Holz House managers.




Do you work with custom projects?





What is the cost of the house project?

In case of buying a house from us, the house project is provided free of charge as the advance payment for the project is deducted later on from the house price. The cost of the project depends on its volume and complexity.




How long will it take to build a house?

An approximate period of the construction of a house with the total area of 200 square meters (standard developer's finish) is approximately 3 months. Our house construction record for the house of 96 square meters, on a turnkey basis, is 14 calendar days!!!




What kind of windows do you install in your houses?

We follow our customers’ wishes and capabilities. We can always offer a choice of wooden, aluminum windows, or PVC windows.




Which teams will build the house?

Teams performing a house assembly are qualified specialists who have experience in this field for at least 10 years. All workers have a Russian citizenship.




Can I order a ladder and casing molding with my own design?

Yes, you can.




Is it possible to go straight to finishing after the construction?

It is possible, provided that a stable microclimate is created inside the premises (established temperature and humidity conditions).




Is it possible to make outer walls with 242 mm thickness and inner walls thinner, for example 162 or 202 mm?

It is possible, though it is recommended to make external and internal walls from lumber with one and the same section to provide uniform shrinkage of the structure. The maximum allowable difference in timber thickness is 40 mm.




Where does the crew live during the construction?

The crew lives on the construction site in our barrack specially equipped for habitation.




What is the maximum length of timber you can produce?

The maximum length of timber produced is 13.5 meters.




Does glued laminated lumber crack?

If recommended temperature and humidity conditions are not observed, threadlike cracks along the timber may appear. This is normal.




How many years are you building houses?

Our company was founded in 1998.




Which glue is used to glue timber?

Only the most environmentally friendly and quality glue system 1257/7557 produced by AkzoNobel (Sweden) is used to glue timber.




Is the glue harmful?

The glue is not harmful.




Does the lumber tear along the glued joint?

The strength of the glued joint is higher than the strength of wood.




Why shall house parts be processed with preservatives?

Wood is treated with preservatives in order to protect it from fungal infections, from insect infestation, as well as to ensure its safety during storage and during works.




Why shall timber ends be processed?

Ends of glued laminated lumber are most susceptible to the intensive moisture exchange. Due to an intensive loss of moisture through ends, cracks may appear on them. To avoid the appearance of such defects, ends of parts in our production are processed by s special composition called Teknol-Jrm (Finland).




When shall the house be painted?

The house shall be painted immediately after the assembly, temperature conditions allow it (an average daily temperature is not lower than +7 degrees Celsius). If the house was assembled in a cold season, then it is better to preserve it, i.e. to treat it with special compositions, and paint it after settling of positive temperatures.




Which insulant is recommended by the manufacturer?

We recommend between-joisting sealant and notching sealant Tremco illbruk Cocoband / Polyester / Rive-line. The selection of these seals is based on comparative tests carried out at the plant, as well as the experience of continued practical work.





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