Laminated structural beam

produced by Holz House company



It is known that wood has twice higher tensile strength in comparison with steel and greater compressive strength than concrete. That is why laminated beams are an excellent building material. Main areas of application of laminated beams in construction are frames, truss plates, floor structures, bearing frames of industrial and civil buildings, also beams have become widespread in interior design.




Holz House produces wooden laminated beams in accordance with the European quality standard EN 14080 with the length of up to 13.5 meters | thickness of up to 400 mm | height of up to 2000 mm

Quality control of laminated structural beams is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the European standard EN 14080 – a corresponding quality certificate was issued by the European center of HOLZ FORSCHUNG (Austria). In the production of laminated materials we use Akzo Nobel glue with E1 emission class meaning that formaldehyde content is below the natural background of the environment. The glue has a sanitary and hygienic certificate.


Laminated structural beams are made by pressing of several specially selected and laid in certain direction lamellas.

Since the requirements for structural load-bearing elements are high, raw materials for the production of beams undergo serious multistage quality control.

Laminated structural beams can be made in various straight and curved configurations, so such beams offer architects an artistic freedom without compromising structural requirements.





Bearing large-span laminated timber constructions are an opportunity to construct overlapping large spans for bridges, a variety of buildings and structures (shopping and leisure centers, water parks, swimming pools, hangars, warehouses).







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