Individual project

development of a design of a house made of glued laminated lumber by Holz House



Work on a new individual project begins with the study of wishes and preferences of the customer. To develop a project with a perfect layout, one should take into account the opinion of all family members. Naturally, they do not always converge, but nobody said that it is easy to develop a perfect individual project







What shall be considered when choosing an individual project of the wooden house?




There is no certain set of actions or some clear rules in this case. After all, everyone has their own taste, preferences, budget. The latter factor is often decisive. Of course, an all-round project, which will suit absolutely everyone, does not exist. You can always choose one of ready-made projects presented in our catalog, as a basis for further development, which will make the project individual for you.


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You shall keep in mind the following points:




  • the size of the house shall correspond to the number of family members, you need to create a house in which everyone will feel comfortable;
  • pay special attention to internal planning, it is worth making sure that everyone has their own space;
  • if you have a car, then take care of its location too;
  • it is worth considering how you will locate utility lines (this can also affect your house project).




If you have decided to build a house, then you shall have the following documents:




  • Conclusion of the geological consultation, which is a report on the state of ground. Information contained in this report is used by a building organization.
  • The layout of the house, which is compiled on the basis of the previous document.
  • Permission for construction. This document is issued by a chief architect of the region subject to the availability of the conclusion of the geological consultation and the house layout.
  • The contract for the construction of the house which regulates relationships of the customer with the contractor and is a guarantee of the fulfillment of obligations.




Main types of projects of wooden houses made of glued laminated lumber:






One-storey houses are assembled quickly enough and do not require much effort. Projects of such houses are most economical. In this house one should pay special attention to its layout, because the convenient location plays a huge role.


Projects of mansarded wooden houses differ from single-storey houses without a mansard in that the space in the attic is used as residential. This is an excellent solution if you have a limited land area. In the attic you can arrange a bedroom or a children's room.



Multi-storey cottages and townhouses are more complex constructions; therefore, it may take longer time to create corresponding projects. Thanks to a large area, you can experiment with the layout, which will allow you to choose the most optimal location.




How to work with an architect




Based on the conversation with a client, the technical task is prepared for the development of the architectural concept (AC). This design stage takes from 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the project's difficulty and the number of changes introduced.


After the further discussion of the architectural solution and making necessary modifications, the project created together with the client is located at the future construction site. Computer modeling and specialized software allows us to visualize a future house and make final edits of the project.




After approval of the architectural concept, the next stage of work begins – that is the house construction (HC). At this stage, the "foundation" of the house is created - after all, strength and durability of the house depends on how accurately its strength characteristics, truss system, foundation, floor system are calculated.

At the end of works, a complete individual package of detailed design is created, which is approved by the client, and only after that is transferred to production. All parts of the house are made of glued laminated lumber produced by HOLZ HOUSE. The maximum precision of parts ensures high strength of the structure and minimizes the house assembly time. Our professional architects and designers who have many years of experience will help you in all these and many other issues.





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