Дом из клееного бруса по проекту Австрия


Glued laminated lumber. Production and constructionof houses
made of glued laminated lumber.


Holz House LLC. TM Holz House.


Holz House specializes in designing, manufacturing and building of wooden houses, cottages, country complexes and hotels from glued laminated lumber. Having been working on the market since 1998, we've managed to accumulate enough experience to offer our customers wooden houses from glued laminated lumber made in keeping with the best Russian and world traditions of wooden housing construction with the use of modern technologies.





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Holz House builds private houses and commercial buildings under individual and standard projects. You can order both individual services and a wooden house on turn-key basis: foundation, walls, windows, roofing, electrical engineering, engineering systems. Examples of Holz House houses built of glued laminated lumber can be found in "Houses & projects" in our site.

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For more than 20 years Holz House has been engaged in logging, added-value wood processing, production of glued laminated lumber and construction of houses



Due to a large volume of own harvested wood and the presence of modern production, we provide our customers with favorable prices for glued laminated lumber.




Glued laminated timber 185 mm depth

Клееный брус высотой 185 мм


27 000 ₽


Клеевой шов ламелей клееного бруса


Coniferous species of boreal timber are twice as dense and 30% stronger than wood of central Russia.



Glued laminated timber of 250 mm depth

Клееный брус высотой 230/250 мм


28 000 ₽


Пакет ламелей клееного бруса


We apply formaldehyde-free environmentally friendly glue "Akzo Nobel" which does not prevent the main feature of a tree - "to breathe".


Glued laminated timber of 280 mm depth

Клееный брус высотой 275 мм


29 000 ₽


Профиль клееного бруса


The highest quality of processing ensures the ideal geometry and tightness of assembling house parts.




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Holz House is a modern high-quality house made of
glued laminated lumber. This is really your home!



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 Austrian manufacturing technologies and European quality
of glued laminated lumber are now available in Russia



  • Holz House production is located at 3 sites in the Kirov region, 200-450 km from the city of Kirov, in taiga forest zone.
  • The company is one of the top 5 largest glued laminated lumber producers in Russia.
  • The production process is carried out on modern European equipment which allows to get any, even the most complex configuration of a future house
  • The company is certified according to the most modern European standards for woodworking production.
  • Holz House has a wide dealer network in all major cities of Russia and abroad, 5 own construction divisions operate in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Kazan and Kirov.




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