The volume of wooden housing construction in the Kirov region will increase

April 18, 2018


Material of the press center of the GOVERNMENT of the KIROV REGION.


The transition to the construction of houses made of wood will reduce the cost of a square meter of the total area of ​​the house to 40%


Deputy Chairman of the Government of the region Maxim Kochetkov and General Director of the Association of Wooden Housing Oleg Panitkov discussed the prospects for the development of wooden housing in the Kirov region. The working meeting was also attended by representatives of the regional forestry ministry and the general director of LLC "Holz House" Nikolai Yuferev.


The regional government sets the task in front of the industry to increase the volume of production and use production of wooden house-building in industrial construction, the constructing of social objects from wood.


- Wooden housing construction is one of the drivers for the development of the Russian forest industry. This is not only one of the most environmentally friendly construction technologies, but also one of the most profitable. And this is exactly the direction that has already been given by the federal center. So, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia is developing a priority project for the development of wooden housing construction. Its goal is to increase production volumes and use wooden construction products in construction to 20% by 2025. The Kirov region, in turn, timely joined this work. At the beginning of the year, the concept of the development of wooden housing construction was approved for the first time in the region until 2030. Continuation of it is cooperation with the Association and interested investors, Maxim Kochetkov emphasized during the meeting.


Oleg Panitkov told about the work the Russian Association of Wooden House Building with the support of the federal center are carrying out. He noted that the pilot project implemented by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation on the development of wooden housing construction envisages subsidizing the lending rate for circulating assets of manufacturers and developers; tax incentive mechanisms when investing in modernization; development of legislative, normative and methodological basis. According to the general director, financial support measures play a key role in the development of industrial wooden housing construction, since the term of the construction of such facilities is from 2 to 3 months, which means that investments in construction must be made as soon as possible. In addition, he spoke about new trends and developments: modern wooden construction allows us to implement any architectural solutions and produce high-quality and beautiful objects.


At this time, in the Kirov region, about 25 organizations are involved in the production of wooden houses, including investment projects included in the list of priority projects in the area of ​​forest development. One of the largest representatives in the region is LLC Holtz House. According to the rating, compiled by the Association, the company occupies one of the leading positions in the country in the development of wooden housing construction. At the moment, the investor cooperates with the students of Vyatka State University.


"As part of the training program, we bring the best representatives of Russian and foreign architecture who read lectures on the most innovative approaches in the field of wooden housing construction," said Nikolai Yuferev.


Based on the results of this work, students will prepare projects of three social facilities: a feldsher-midwife and police stations, a sports and recreation complex made of wood. It is planned that the projects will be presented in the framework of the II Forest Forum of the Kirov region.


- Further development of the given direction provides for an increase in affordable housing construction, which is an unconditional priority of the socio-economic policy of the region. At the moment in the Kirov region, houses made of wood in the total volume of housing make up just over 10%. The transition to the construction of houses made of wood will reduce the cost of a square meter of the total area of ​​the house to 40% and reduce the construction time by one and a half times, - Maxim Kochetkov summed up.





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