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May 20, 2018


Holz House company continue building large-scale object in the Republic of Belarus. It's a magnificent country hunting club, familiarity with which for our audience was held this winter. At this point of time already built and successfully handed over to the customer: MAIN HOUSE (517 sq.m.), GUEST HOUSE (430 sq.m.), BATHHOUSE (251 sq.m.) and more than 6 small architecture forms: arbor, barbecue, pantry. Common building area is more than 1323 sq.m.


At this time building is continue - on the waiting list are: TRAINING GYM (198 sq.m.) and RESTAURANT with total area more than  550 sq.m.


Noteworthy is the fact that in building of new object Holz House - FIRST TIME IN RUSSIA - realizing technology "Post-And-Beam" according to which the supporting structure of the house is made, and the space between the supporting elements can be filled by different building materials. In our objects, we using glued timber of Holz House production, and it means, that our customers will get beautiful, qualitative and most importantly - eco-friendly object, built with usage of the most modern technologies.


































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