Visit of Kirov delegation in Finland school made of glued timber

May 17, 2019


The Government of Kirovskaya region actively explores the programmes of improving the quality of education as well as the projects of building of wooden schools.


The official delegation of Kirovskaya region led by the deputy chairman of Kirovskaya region, Dmitri Kurdyumov, and the director of Holz House, Nikolai Yuferev, will visit Pudasjärvi, northern Finland, on 22 and 23 May. They will be hosted by the Mayor of Pudasjärvi, Tony Timonen.


The participants of the delegation will visit the biggest wooden school - Pudasjärvi Log Campus.


Its walls are made of the glued timber and overlappings are made of wooden glued panels. This school is not just unique architectural object but it is also experimental platform for implementation of new educational programmes.


In late May we will summarize the results of this visit.






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