House made of glued laminated timber. "Portofino" design.




Floor plans



1st floor
2nd floor



Total area:304,4 m2

1st floor area:170,2 m2

2nd floor area:134,2 m2

Premises area:235,9 m2

Terraces and balconies area:68,5 m2

Number of floors:2

Number of bedrooms:5

Number of bathrooms:3


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Scope of supply





What is included in «shell and core condition»?


  • Transportation and overhead costs (Moscow, Leningrad, Sverdlovsk and Kirov regions, the Republic of Tatarstan)
  • Organization of workers accommodation
  • Assembly
  • All consumables and related materials
  • Engineering and technical supervision by the company's specialists



  • Geodetic works: layout of axes, leveling, localization of a building on site
  • Bored piling with the diameter of 0.3 m installed at frost depth
  • Sand blanket of 0.2 m for foundation grill
  • Moisture barrier under foundation grill to keep cement slurry
  • Foundation reinforcement cage
  • Foundation grill (strip) with the size of 0.7 (h) х 0.3 m, certified concrete M-300


Wall set:


  • Laying of "Stekloizol" roll moisture barrier on foundation grill
  • Glued laminated veneer lumber 185(h)х202mm/162mm, Akzo Nobel glue system (Sweden)
  • Preservation by REMMERS compound at the plant
  • Treatment of ends against cracking by TEKNOS compound
  • Drilling of holes for hidden installation of electrics
  • Profile system of your choice
  • Sole timber made of board of 50х200 mm of export quality
  • Sealing tape for sealing of over-cut areas
  • Galvanized steel fastenings
  • Floor beams made of board of 50x200 mm of export quality or laminated structural beams processed with biological flame retardant

Roofing system:


  • Rafter system is made of board of 50x200 mm of export quality, treated with biological flame retardant
  • Lathing is made of 50x50 mm bar of export quality
  • Galvanized steel fastenings
  • Heat insulation with thickness of 200mm with the use of environmentally friendly insulantsй
  • Membrane type vapor barrier and moisture barrier
  • Flexible shingles SHINGLAS with all accessories
  • Ventilated boarding of eaves with dry planed board of 21 mm of export quality
  • Roof drainage system



  • Set of window cases
  • PVC window and balcony units REHAU (Germany) with the thickness of 70 mm, energy-saving triple-pane window



  • Bearing frame of internal partitions
  • Option: external and internal painting by SIKKENS (Sweden) / ZOBEL (Germany) materials



  • Packing in a special breathable branded film
  • Loading and delivery to the buyer's facility in the Moscow, Leningrad, Sverdlovsk, Kirov regions, the Republic of Tatarstan.


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