Glued laminated lumber

produced by Holz House


Houses made of glued laminated lumber became very popular in Russia in the early 2000s, although glued laminated lumber technology itself had been known in Europe since the beginning of the 20th century. This was due to the change in people’s attitude toward the quality of houses and environmentally friendly housing. There was a need for a natural material with higher performance, with the modern technology of production, construction and speed of assembly. Production of a ready-made house from glued laminated lumber gave answers to these questions. Of course, the cost of glued laminated lumber is slightly higher than other materials made of wood, but this is more than outweighed by the merits of this material. Holz House uses pine and spruce for the production of glued laminated lumber. The basis of reliability and durability of glued laminated lumber is high-quality wood harvested in the northern regions.




HOLZ HOUSE glued laminated timber production plant.

HOLZ HOUSE glued laminated timber production plant.




Generally, glued laminated lumber manufacturing technology can be divided into four production stages:




Scarfing of outer and inner lamellas



Building lumber which was dried in chambers is sent to the scarfing line where with help of optical elements of the machine the lumber is scanned to detect defects hidden in it. Unsuitable areas of lumber are marked, discarded and not used in the production of glued laminated lumber.

Scarfing of outer and inner lamellas



Lamellas cut lengthwise are glued in a lamelates under high pressure (up to 10 kilograms per square centimeter), then lamelates are glued together to form a binder (a blank of several layers), and finished lumber is produced from the binder with the required width and height.

Blank (binder) shaping and notching



The final stage of the production of glued laminated lumber includes billet shaping, notching of joint connections, marking of elements and packaging in transportation blocks.

Additional processing of house parts



Special additional processing is performed with the help of CNC machines, i.e. drilling of internal channels for fasteners, electrical wiring, milling of grooves for window and door cases in window and door openings and execution of other designed elements.




 Features of glued laminated lumber by Holz House







Processing and possible joins of glued laminated lumber by Holz House







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