Holz House pellets

fuel granules - pressed wood product


Pellets or fuel granules are a pressed wood product made of dry wood chips of coniferous species. The size of pellets: diameter - 6 mm, length - 30-40 mm. Raw materials used for the manufacture of pellets are supplied to production sites from ecologically clean forest areas in the north of the Kirov region.







Coniferous species of wood serve as an excellent raw material for the production of pellets. According to their energy characteristics, wood pellets are not inferior to traditional types of fuel: natural gas, coal and oil. Pellets are ahead of them with lower price and ecological parameters of pellets are generally beyond competition.




One ton contains 1.3 cubic meters of wood pellets,
combustion of which releases energy equal to 5000 kW.

The same amount of fuel energy is released during combustion of:
500 liters of diesel fuel | 685 liters of fuel oil | 1.6 t of firewood




Main consumers of fuel pellets




  • Large and medium-sized thermal power plants
  • District and local boiler plants, small and medium-sized thermal power plants
  • Companies or private individuals providing the supply of industrial enterprises




Advantages of pellets




  • High heat output, if compared to other fuels;
  • Practically complete combustion of pellets, ash content is less than 0.3%;
  • High bulk density and packing in convenient and diversity of containers;
  • The minimum area of pellets storing warehouses is several times less than that for storing other types of fuel;
  • Fire safety - does not contain dust, therefore does not ignite;
  • The material is bioinactive, it can be stored near dwelling and utility rooms;
  • Pellets do not cause allergic reaction in humans and animals;
  • Operating boilers are easily converted to new fuel;
  • No harm to the environment;
  • Residue after combustion can serve as a fertilizer for gardens and plants;




Pellets of HOLZ HOUSE, wholesale




  • Production has passed the certification procedure according to the ENplus standard and produces granules of ENplus A1 class.
  • Flexible granules delivery conditions. Convenient delivery in Russia and EU countries. Cost of pellets depends on conditions and terms of delivery.
  • Fuel pellets are delivered from the plant in any quantities on favorable terms. A reliable supplier all year round.
  • We work mainly for export. Sales are carried out in bulk; the minimum lot is 40 tons.




HOLZ HOUSE works on the supply of pellets mainly
in B2B (business-to-business) segment
with companies, organizations, enterprises.





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