Building lumber

is made of spruce and pine wood



Holz House building lumber is produced of spruce and pine wood harvested in the northern regions of the Kirov region. Coniferous wood is distinguished by its high strength and resistance to external damage due to a high content of resin in it. The main period of growth of trees falls on summer months, which makes growth rings of northern tree species thin. Such timber is highly valued in construction industry. Holz House has its own rated wood cutting area, so we can guarantee the quality of the raw materials base used for the production of all types of building lumber.







Scrape products are produced in strict accordance with DIN 68126 using a modern high-tech equipment "Weinig Gydromat 2000" on "Weinig ProfiJoint GRECON" (Germany) wood scarfing line. All building lumber undergoes high-quality drying down to 10-15% of humidity by means of a modern drying complex by INCOMAC (Italy).




At every stage of production, strict quality control is conducted. Only exact compliance with the building lumber production technology allows to produce high quality finishing materials.


Scrape finishing building lumber is widely used in suburban construction (cottages, baths, saunas), construction of cottages and outbuildings (verandas, sheds, barns, premises for pets), construction of elements of landscape design (gazebos, bridges, outdoor playsets) and in other finishing works as well.




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Holz House production




Manufacture of glued laminated timber. Holz House factory.

Manufacture of glued laminated timber. Holz House factory.







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